2013-05-13 SANCTOPHOBY 7″ unleashed

Brand new 7″ EP of SANCTOPHOBY has been released.

Information: http://volcanic.thrash.lt/sanctophoby7ep/

Preview: https://soundcloud.com/sanctophoby/7ep

Price: 7 EUR + shipping (list of distributors coming soon)

Contact at: volcanic.slut.rex@googlemail.com

2012-09-17 New website and other announcements

Today we have launched a new, more improved website.

Also, an updated distrolist has been published here.

Enquires at volcanic.slut.rex@googlemail.com

Upcoming assault:

Sanctophoby - “Malicious Call/Xрам Древнего Зла” – 7″ EP – to be released on 2013.05.13

2012-05-15 Three new releases

Three new tapes has been unleashed:

Stranguliatorius – Demo 2012

Fuck Off And Die!!! – No Peace. No Whores. No Love. No God.

Oboltred/Inheritage split MC

Each tape costs 4 EUR + shipping.

Worldwide distributors available soon.


VSR005 – Kill (Sweden) – Live for Satan II MC cancelled

due to the lack of interest from the band

2011-07-04 New tape

New tape has been released:

Blackhorns/Sanctophoby – Altar of Impure Rituals split

Worldwide distributors are available


Upcoming assaults:

VSR005 – Kill (Sweden) – Live for Satan II – Raw Live Ritual

VSR006 – Stranguliatorius (Lithuania) – demo 2011 – Grinding Thrash Metal

2010-12-24 Two new releases have been unleashed

Sanctophoby/Sexblasphemy – Rape the Mother of God/Perverse Abominations split tape

Regressive/Gatekrashor – Graveyard Assault split tape

Band websites can be found in LINKS section

Distributors will be announed as soon as available

Upcoming assault (March 2011):

Blackhorns(USA)/Sanctophoby - Altar of Impure Rituals split tape 

A review of Bomb Raiding Hell Metal has been posted here

2010-04-07 Upcoming assaults

Sanctophoby (Lithuania)/Sex Blasphemy (USA) split MC – perverse desecration metal

Gatekrashor (Canada)/Regressive (Lithuania) split MC – graveyard speed assault

2010-02-11 Website launch

Volcanic Slut Records website has been launched.

Bomb Raiding Hell Metal is going to be released next week.