2014-09-05 Two new releases and related news

We’ve got two new releases out.

Sanctophoby – Cum Malum Vincere Bono compillation MC- compilation that contains two previously unreleased demo tapes of Sanctophoby.

Regressive / Spermafrost – Turmoil and Misery split MC – a split between Lithuanian Regressive and Belgian Spermafrost. This is an ultimate speed/black metal assault pressed on pro-tape.

Orders can be placed via volcanic.slut.rex@googlemail.com

Also, we have launched a Bandcamp profile, which can be found at this location and will eventually host all VSR releases.

Facebook profile is also available. Give us a shout!

Finally, we remind that Sanctophoby 7″ EP is still available. It is also distributed via:

Iron Bonehead (Germany)
Analog Worship (USA)
Tour de Garde (Canada)
Northern Heritage (Finland)
Inferna Profundus (Lithuania)
Silver Key Records (Denmark)
Blasphemous Art Prods. (Italy)
Bleak Bone Mortualia (Germany)
Legion of Death (France)
Kill Yourself Prods. (Greece)
Pagan Records (Poland)
Terror (Lithuania)

2013-05-13 SANCTOPHOBY 7″ unleashed

Brand new 7″ EP of SANCTOPHOBY has been released.

Information: http://volcanic.thrash.lt/sanctophoby7ep/

Preview: https://soundcloud.com/sanctophoby/7ep

Price: 6 EUR + shipping (list of distributors coming soon)

Contact at: volcanic.slut.rex@googlemail.com

2012-09-17 New website and other announcements

Today we have launched a new, more improved website.

Also, an updated distrolist has been published here.

Enquires at volcanic.slut.rex@googlemail.com

Upcoming assault:

Sanctophoby - “Malicious Call/Xрам Древнего Зла” – 7″ EP – to be released on 2013.05.13

2012-05-15 Three new releases

Three new tapes has been unleashed:

Stranguliatorius – Demo 2012

Fuck Off And Die!!! – No Peace. No Whores. No Love. No God.

Oboltred/Inheritage split MC

Each tape costs 4 EUR + shipping.

Worldwide distributors available soon.


VSR005 – Kill (Sweden) – Live for Satan II MC cancelled

due to the lack of interest from the band

2011-07-04 New tape

New tape has been released:

Blackhorns/Sanctophoby – Altar of Impure Rituals split

Worldwide distributors are available


Upcoming assaults:

VSR005 – Kill (Sweden) – Live for Satan II – Raw Live Ritual

VSR006 – Stranguliatorius (Lithuania) – demo 2011 – Grinding Thrash Metal

2010-12-24 Two new releases have been unleashed

Sanctophoby/Sexblasphemy – Rape the Mother of God/Perverse Abominations split tape

Regressive/Gatekrashor – Graveyard Assault split tape

Band websites can be found in LINKS section

Distributors will be announed as soon as available

Upcoming assault (March 2011):

Blackhorns(USA)/Sanctophoby - Altar of Impure Rituals split tape 

A review of Bomb Raiding Hell Metal has been posted here

2010-04-07 Upcoming assaults

Sanctophoby (Lithuania)/Sex Blasphemy (USA) split MC – perverse desecration metal

Gatekrashor (Canada)/Regressive (Lithuania) split MC – graveyard speed assault

2010-02-11 Website launch

Volcanic Slut Records website has been launched.

Bomb Raiding Hell Metal is going to be released next week.